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Welcome to the new Year!

I hope your all had a fantastic xmas and new year from the team at Agile Performance NZ!

2018 was a fantastic year for me as far as driving and track time. We kept pushing the supra further didn't break to much but everything that did break was upgraded to make the car more reliable hopefully :)

2019 I'm going to be taking a break from driving the 7m car only doing a couple of events and want to focus on adding new products for here and building this brand thanks to all the support we have had from you guys over the last couple of years I think its worth it to take the time to push this company further.

Not to worry though there will still be plenty of driving and events entered by Dan in his 1jz supra and Willy in his Gt4 Celica with more Gt4 parts to be released soon after some successful testing. Ill be doing my best to get footage of these guys doing there thing.

So whats on the horizon for 2019?

Well this new website for one :) 

Body Kits we have been busy collecting parts and making molds with production starting soon.

Looking after the Locals! we negotiating at the moment with different suppliers we are going to be selling tyres soon too aiming at buying just the more common size that people are using for drifting so we can offer great pricing for everyone who isn't lucky enough to have a sponsor.

Same goes for Fuel selling Ethanol in smaller amounts for people who don't want to buy a drum at a time (no e85 on pump here unfortunately)

And Finally a new way to Pay!! with this new website it has opened up different payment options but most exciting is Oxipay for NZ customers and Lay Buy coming soon hopefully making the parts you want more accessible to you. 

There is more in the works but I have to keep some things quiet for now ;) anyway looking foward to a busy year!