Celica GT4/All track front LSD shaft

Celica GT4/All track front LSD shaft

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Here at Agile Performance, we also do rallying, specifically in a (now classic) Toyota Celica GT-Four/All-trac.

We have developed a new solution for a FRONT LSD for all gt4/All-tracks EXCLUDING 1986/87 models. Aimed at competition cars, both gravel and tarmac, the viscus front LSD gives you more grip and reduces under-steer. With this setup, the center diff needs to be locked (a fantastic upgrade itself in my own experience).

The setup has been competition proven in a 300HP/500NM Rally car. This elegant and surprisingly simple kit can be sent anywhere in the world, or we can offer full installation at our workshop in Christchurch.

This is a kit to convert your stock front diff into a LSD all that is included is the shaft you must weld the center diff yourself

Here is a video of explanation of the product