Driveshaft Disconnector
Driveshaft Disconnector
Driveshaft Disconnector
Driveshaft Disconnector

Driveshaft Disconnector

Regular price $ 1,400.00 NZD
This is a universal disconnector clutch that goes between the gearbox and rear diff, primarily to cut drive to rear axle to enable handbrake turns for 4wd vehicles with locked/tight centre differentials.
Ideal for older 4wd vehicles that have basic centre diff arrangements (eg Toyota Celica GT-four, early Mitsubishi evo, Mazda familiar GTX/GTR, Nissan Pulsar GTiR)or custom-built vehicles such as AP4 Rally cars
The unit uses a factory Toyota Rav4 (07-15) clutch, we sell the kit including the housing, output flange, splined shaft and bearings etc to make it work as a universal unit.  The clutch by default is open, simply apply 12V to lock it. A switch can be attached to the handbrake lever to activate it. The clutch draws 5amps of current. Due to it be activated eclectically, it can be controlled via an ecu and this opens up many options, such as disengaging under braking or turning scenarios. We find it makes navigating the service area and touring sections much more pleasurable. 
Since this is a universal item, it directly bolts into no car. a reasonable amount of custom fabrication is required to install it. driveshaft tunnel modification is usually required. Very careful consideration must be made to the placement to ensure the angle of the driveshaft/propshaft is within spec (please watch our video for more detail). The input and output flange are a standard Toyota driveshaft/propshaft  pattern so universal joints are easily attained.
Will it handle the power of my car?
Like any clutch, they are limited by torque, not power. The torque the disconnector will be subjecting will be dependent on engine torque, gear ratio and final drive/transfer ratio. We have tested ours to 1000Nm. This torque subjected to the propshaft (not engine torque) at its worst-case scenario in first gear. the ultimate torque is can handle in currently unknown. Contact us if you would like clarification.
this works nicely with both our front LSD solutions to suit Celica GT-Four, we offer a package deal.
Please watch our video for more info
Kit includes: billet housing, flange, splined shaft, main bearing, spigot bearing, spigot sleeve, spring, electrical plug, all hardware
Not included: Toyota clutch unit (41303-42020 ) or universals. We also have combo deals available with our front LSDs for the GT4 celica please check out those listings for pricing